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The Walton house

The house of the Waltons, as we know it from the series, is located in California, Los Angeles. Originally, the house and the surrounding (barn, sawmill, etc.) was built on the Backlot of Warner Brothers Studios (Burbank Studios) in Los Angeles.

After the end of filming, the house was dismantled at the local site due to space limitations and rebuild on the Warner Bros. Ranch about 1 mile away. The house had to be partially rebuilt and renovated before it could be used for the upcoming movies. For us viewers was actually no difference, since the complex has been restored in accordance to the former location, eg large trees were planted. Looking closely you may see some differences. Such are for example the dormers are a bit different, or even the railing of the porch was rebuilt and changed slightly. 

The Walton house is hidden under the big trees. Another detailed photo of the house area see here

In the 90s the house largely burned down due to a short circuit in the electrical system. With the rescued parts of the house and redesigned parts the house could be rebuilt almost identical.

Many people are interested in the floor plan of the house. There is a detailed floor plan of the first floor which we have traced (see floor plan 1st). The floor plan of the upper level see floor plan 2nd. The rooms and the room walls for the upper floor were all individually and could be changed and moved when needed. Only the ground floor was built permanently in the studio.

The interior shots were filmed entirely in the studios of Warner Bros.. There have been no actual filming in the original house of the Waltons.

A more detailed description of Eric Scott (Ben) on the locations can be found under "Walton set"!

The Walton house later was changed slightly when it was reused for the series "Gilmore Girls". There was a fourth dormer and a yellow paint and green shutters.

More Photo's see

The Walton's House  (Warner Bros. Ranch)

The Walton's House from the TV Show, though not the original site.




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