In Loving Memory of Earl Hamner

July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016

In Loving Memory of Carolyn Grinnell

November 01, 1938
- March 23, 2022


Tony & Sandy's Report 2010

This report was written into our guestbook by Tony & Sandy from Wilmington, NC, USA


May 12. 2010

We recently visited Schuyler, Virginia and went to Earl's boyhood home. We also saw the museum, which was a wonderful experience. The Rockfish River was a splendid sight as well. We visited the small church just beyond the front door of Earl's home. We could tell it had been standing for a long time. It was sad to see that Drucilla's pond is basically all dried out, and all that was left was a dried up marshy area. All in all, it was a wonderful experience that we would highly recommend to any Walton's fan. We halfway expected to see the children come running out of the house at any minute. We got a better feel of what the REAL Walton's mountain really was.

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More Pictures:
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Thanks Tony & Sandy for sharing your wonderful photos with us !



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