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July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016

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The Waltons on TV again

The American private channel INSP Network will bring our favorite show on tv again.

The Waltons will start Oct. 18th 2010 at 8:00 pm on INSP.


The Waltons Family Reunion will start Dec. 18th 2010 at 8:00 pm on INSP.

For this reason, the whole Waltonfamilie, namely John and Olivia, Mary-Ellen, Erin and Elizabeth, Jason, Ben and Jim-Bob met together yesterday ( Oct. 28 2010) in Los Angeles in the Sunset Bronson Studios for a one hour Walton Reunion Special. John-Boy already has been interviewed a few days before and will participate in this special, too.

Also present was the wonderful Earl Hamner, the creator of this great show.

The Reunion Special will be shown on Oct. 18 at 7 pm, Oct 19 at 1pm and Oct 22 at 7pm      (Eastern Time, DIRECTV Channel - 364   DISH NETWORK Channel - 259  SKY ANGEL Channel - 131).

Here we have some great shots and two videos of the yesterday's meeting for you.

Jon, thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us ! 

  • Waltons Reunion Special_1
  • Waltons Reunion Special_2
  • Waltons Reunion Special_3
  • Waltons Reunion Special_4
  • Waltons Reunion Special_5
  • Waltons Reunion Special_6
  • Waltons Reunion Special_7
  • Waltons Reunion Special_9
  • Waltons Reunion Special_10
  • Waltons Reunion Special_11
  • Waltons Reunion Special_12
  • Waltons Reunion Special_13
  • Waltons Reunion Special_14
  • Waltons Reunion Special_15
  • Waltons Reunion Special_16
  • Waltons Reunion Special_17
  • Waltons Reunion Special_18
  • Waltons Reunion Special_19
  • Waltons Reunion Special_20
  • Waltons Reunion Special_21
  • Waltons Reunion Special_22
  • Waltons Reunion Special_23
  • Waltons Reunion Special_8 - Bye see you soon!
Photo's Alle Bilder © Marion & John Walmsley

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INSP presents The Waltons Thanksgiving Day Feast 8 Straight Hours Starting at 1PM ET

The Waltons - Earl Hamner



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