In Loving Memory of Earl Hamner

July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016

In Loving Memory of Carolyn Grinnell

November 01, 1938
- March 23, 2022



Hello everyone!

My name is Annenina and I recently attended the annual  The Waltons Reunion 2009. My journey began as I approached the Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here goes. There was a greet & meet Friday night between 4 - 6 pm in Carolyn´s Grinnell suite. Then around 5:00 pm Carolyn announed that Jon Walmsley ( Jason ) will be stopping by at 6:00. What a treat this was, since we were told, that he would be joining us only at the banquet dinner on Saturday. Around 6:00 pm as promised, Jon stopped by. A few people took photos with him and then it was time to go eat dinner for me. :)


The next day, all where to meet at the Schuyler Baptist Church (it was very close to the Hamner home) at 10:00 am for a very special day that was planned by Carolyn Grinnell. First, when the bells rang, church doors opened, Mr Earl shouted, Come on in! Everyone enjoyed the beautiful musics played by Jon - he played and sang Sweet By-and-by, BeulahLand and many more, which I cannot recall I was just thrilled to be there.

Just to see and hear Earl Hamner recite Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem was awesome! The best suprise of all was the Hamner siblings Paul, Audrey, Nancy.


Many photos were taken as well as autographs. Everyone was so obliging and kind. Afterwards, everyone gathered in front of the Hamner home, which by the way was beautifuly refurbished by the new owners, and we were blessed to have been able to tour the home.

It was all so exciting !!

We all gathered in front of the home to hear stories from Earl Hamner & Jon Walmsley.
The house was incredible !!


Right across the home is the Walton's Mtn.Bed and Breakfast Gift Shop, that was really nice there too. Afterwards, we traveled 30 minutes to another location, called the Nelson County Museum of History. Many of Earl's memorabilia was on display. Then it was back to the Hotel to get ready for the main event!

Now the evening was the best of all , Earl Hamner again spoke of his memories as a child and shared wonderful story of Will Geer (Grandpa Walton) and also recited a special Christmas poem.


Jon Walmsley was incredible, he sang many songs from the Walton Christmas Album, and also treated us with a Beatles song. Jon's wife, Marion also recited in German "Stille Nacht" while Jon played the music on his guitar.

It was then time to eat , then afterwards we all went up to place an ornament on the Christmas Tree. More songs, laughter, tears and hugs and then Santa Claus made an appearance and gave out wonderful gifts to all the children that were there.


What a wonderful evening!

Love to all!



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