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July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016

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November 01, 1938
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The Waltons Mountain Museum Opening

On October 24th, 1992 the Waltons Mountain Museum opened in Schuyler, VA, the hometown of Earl Hamner, the creator of The Waltons.

The museum is a nonprofit organization. Their revenues as admission fees, sales from Ike Godseys Store and donations in turn be used for charitable programs and continuation of the museum. The founding of the museum was supported by public funding of the Nelson County, by several private enterprises and by Jane and Earl Hamner personally.

About 6500 fans from many parts of the United States - the organizer expected only about 200 fans - and many cast members ( Ralph Waite, Joe Conley, Ronnie Claire Edwards, Judy Norton, Mary McDonough, Kami Cotler, Jon Walmsley, Eric Scott, David Harper and the "Baldwin Sisters" Mary Jackson and Helen Kleeb) and several writers and producers of the TV show came together to celebrate this special day. The streets around Schuyler looked like a big parking lot, a traffic chaos Schuyler had never seen before! All main characters from the series were presented except Will Geer (who unfortunately died in 1978 ), Ellen Corby (she still recovered from her stroke), Michael Learned (she had already visited the museum the day before, but had to return to a performance in California) and Richard Thomas.


10:00am    Greetings
10:05am    Premiere Presentation of "Waltons Mountain Revisited"
11:00am    Introductions
11:15am    Earl Hamner, The Cast of the Waltons and the Hamner Family
12:45pm    Program ends   

Earl Hamner ended his speech " We welcome you to Schuyler, and hope you take a pleasant memory with you." 

Julie and Jeff Burns from South Carolina had been at the Museums opening. Both are kind enough to share their photos and video with other fans on our page.

Jeff also told us that they needed about four (4!) hours to come near to the stage. But it was worth it. It was one of those events which only happens once in a lifetime!

Many thanks to Julie and Jeff Burns for sharing your photos and the video with us !

Here are their pictures and also a great video.


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