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Dear Walton fans,

a difficult and hard year for many people is coming to an end. Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas. For most of us it will be quiet and hopefully contemplative and atmospheric days. Sitting together in a small circle by candlelight, enjoying a good meal, listening to a few Christmas carols and perhaps looking expectantly out of the window to see if it will finally start to snow. And maybe one or the other of you will make yourselves comfortable on the couch and enjoy a Walton Christmas story.

Today we received Christmas greetings from a Walton friend. She wrote:

Even though it may not be "the best christmas ever" we have peace, a home and enough to eat.
Many reasons to be happy and hopeful.

There is really nothing more to add to these beautiful words.


We wish you all a wonderful 1st Advent and a good start into the Christmas season!


In loving memory of Earl Hamner, who would celebrate his 97th birthday today . The encounters with Earl have enriched our lives and he is often in our thoughts. For all the people he met in his life, he will remain unforgotten. We are very happy that we could get to know you Earl. We miss you very much !


Happy Birthday

The wonderful Lynn Hamilton (Verdie Grant Foster from the Waltons) celebrates her 90th birthday today. We congratulate her and wish her all the best and lots of health !



Happy Birthday

Our beloved Michael Learned ( Olivia Walton ) becomes 81 years today.

Happy Birthday and stay healthy !!!


Dear friends of The Walton,

after some personal things at the beginning of the year, which took up our time, we finally get back to you today. Some of you were already worried that we might shut down our site. But no, that won't happen as long as there is still something to report and we also get some feedback from time to time.

These frightening times don't stop at the Waltons either. After a visibly slimmer David Harper and David Doremus visited the new Bed and Breakfast in Schuyler over the Valentine's weekend in mid-February and were of course welcomed by many Walton fans there, times have changed rapidly. Since the middle of March John and Olivia's B&B is closed due to the corona crisis and it is also not foreseeable when it will be reopened. The visit of Reena Bula (Marcia Woolery) for May has of course been cancelled.

We will report further in the next few days. Until then - stay at home if possible and wear face masks if necessary. Stay healthy everybody !

Dagmar, Manfred and Ben Smile



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