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We wish all our friends, fans of the Waltons and visitors of our website a Merry Christmas !


360° panorama pictures online !

Now we also have our panorama pictures from John & Olivia's BnB online. The pictures were taken both outside the Walton house and then lead you through the Walton house into each of the individual rooms including the bathrooms. This will give you a great insight into the conditions without having been there yourself.

But: Waltons Mountain resp. Schuyler together with the museum, the Hamner House and now also with the fantastic replica of the Walton House is always worth a visit !

You can find the panorama pictures here or here.


New pictures online !

Today we put more pictures online. The pictures were taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Skyline Drive and on the road.

The panorama pictures of the B&B will follow shortly.



The photos of John & Olivia's BnB are now online!

We have now published the photos of the new Waltonhouse. In fact, it has been replicated very dubstantially; especially concerning the ground floor. The rooms on the upper floor, which were to be seen in the series, were not fixed rooms, but were modified by different partitions, such as the master bedroom was turned into the girls' room for the next scene, and so on. When we first stepped into the house, we felt we were entering the Walton House from the show directly. I would not have been surprised if I had seen Olivia standing at the stove and Grandfather was just turning around the corner with a mischievous smile (of course in his dungarees). We were flashed.

And the "Walton kids" felt not different. It was like a journey back in time for them and they discovered a lot of things in the house that reminded them of almost 50 years ago. We were all excited. There was no different between the actors and fans like us!

The rooms on the upper floor are very lovingly furnished and also here are small details respected. So for example I noticed the bedside lamp in the master bedroom and of course, in John-Boy's room is a desk with a typewriter by the window, the Boatwright banner, the girl and boy's room each have a double bed and a single bed, and the room of the grandparents with the staircase and walkway and the colored window and furnishings also completely corresponds to the room in the show. Each of the rooms has a nice, cozy bathroom ensuite with built-in wardrobe, lots of towels and accessories.
In order to be able to build the house in such a detailed manner, it took many, many hours of planning. Whereby I probably understate with "hours". There were several big Walton fans watching Walton episodes for hours, watching every detail in the decor, and writing down themselves. Then antique dealers were scoured and the items were found, which have now found their place in the house. The car, for example, comes from California. There it was offered for sale. When the saleswoman learned what purpose it should be, she gave a decent price reduction!

In order to build the house, several trees had to be felled on the property. From the wood of these trees, parts of the interior were made, e.g. the big dining table. When the trees were felled, a completely overgrown tomb was also discovered, which is now visible on the small hill to the right of the house and bordered by a white fence. It is the grave of Drusilla Hardwick, after the Drusillas Pond (pond) was named.

The performers, who all stayed at the B & B, left on Sunday and we were invited along with some others to stay at the B & B. We chose the master bedroom, with a view directly to the museum and to Drusilla's tomb. In the evening, we all sat together at the long dining table and enjoyed the wonderful food, it was much talked and laughed. The next morning we had fresh coffee, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and hot cinnamon rolls that were actually made early in the morning before our eyes. That was totally delicious.

Fans, if you ever come in that part of Virginia, do not miss to visit Schuyler and book your overnight stay at the B&B !!! We can highly recommend it. It's an experience for all Walton fans!

Interesting links to John & Olivia's BnB: here and here

We also created a 360 degree panorama for each room in the house, which we will also publish soon. Look forward to it!


More photos are online!

We have more pictures published, this time from the Saturday night dinner.

There will be soon lots of pictures of John & Olivia's BnB, the Waltonhouse Laughing.


Photos !

The first pictures of the Walton Reunion in Schuyler from last weekend are now online (see Reunion or Photos). Thank God it did not rain contrary to the weather forecast on Friday and Saturday and from time to time the sun could be seen. On Sunday we had a very warm and sunny day on Waltons Mountain Smile.

More photos will follow in the next few days.


Reunion in Waltons Mountain from October 25th to 27th!

Hello Walton fans! Last weekend, the Reunion and the official opening of the Bed and Breakfast in Schuyler finally took place. We will publish a lot of photos in the next few days.

To say it in advance: the B & B is awesome. When we first entered the house last Friday, we thought we were right in the living room on the show at the Waltons. Especially since almost all Walton "children" were on site. And we were even allowed to stay in the house! It is already a dream that the owner and planner of the whole, Carole Johnson has put into action. Hats off to so much dedication and energy.

So, look forward to the pictures.



Sad news !

As we learned today, Miss Leona Roberts, the longtime director of the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler, unfortunately passed away a few days ago. She was the heart of the museum, always in the front of the entrance to greet new visitors. She will be miss very much.

Our condolences go to the family and friends of Miss Roberts.



Walton event !

On October 25 and 26, 2019, another Walton event will be held in Schulyer, Virginia. It will be possible to get a group photo with all participating actors from the series, there will be autograph sessions, the opening ceremony of the B & B will take place and on Saturday evening there will be a nice banquet at the Kirkley Hotel in Lynchburg. In addition, a luncheon is planned in Earl Hamner's birthplace, the former hospital of the place.

As guests have announced so far:

Kami Cotler "Elizabeth"

Mary McDonough "Erin"

Judy Norton "Mary Ellen"

Eric Scott "Ben"

Jon Walmsley "Jason"

They will all be the first overnight guests in John and Olivias B&B.

Especially with regard to the newly built Bed and Breakfast - in the style of the Waltonhouse - a visit is definitely worth. The entire program and tickets are available at:

   Photo Source:  


The construction of the new B & B in Schuyler is progressing. Here are a few pictures to see again. We are curious what it will look like when John & Olivia's Bed and Breakfast is ready.

  Photo Souce:  


Happy Easter !


Happy Birthday !!!

Hard to believe, Michael Learned turns 80 today. Congratulations, dear Michael.



News from John and Olivias B&B

The construction of John and Olivia's B & B in Schuyler is progressing. You can already see the exact floor plan. Here are a few photos of the construction with the kind permission of the owners. Thanks for that !

If you compare the floor plan of the Walton house from the show with the new house, you can see parallels. The porch will point directly to the street and to the Walton Museum.

  Picture Source: The Walton Hamner House  

  Picture Source: The Walton Hamner House  

  Picture Source: The Walton Hamner House  


Sad news !

The actor Morgan Woodward, who portrayed Boone Walton from The Waltons, unfortunately passed away on February 22 at the age of 93. Morgan Woodward has starred in countless television roles, including Bonanza, Dallas, Kojak, Petrocelli, Star Trek, and more. He also took roles in many of the typical western movies.

Here is the official website of Morgan Woodward.


News from the Hamner House V
Now it is official: the owner of the Hamner House in Schuyler has bought another property on which a bed and breakfast is to be built. The property is located directly opposite the Walton Museum and next to the Hamner House. The municipal council has now agreed to a building in the sense of the owner.
Planed is a house in the style of the Walton house from the series with 5 rooms and 5 bathrooms as well as an apartment for permanent use. The B&B is fitting to John and Olivia's. The excavators have already been rolled up. The completion and grand opening is planned for October 2019. We are looking forward to this addition to the small town of Schuyler!

  Picture Source:  


News from the Hamner House IV
It seems soon more exciting news about the Hamner House in Schuyler. Plans for a new building are made, but they will have to be approved. This approval process is in progress and a decision will be expected shortly. We hope that, from mid-February, we will be able to say more about this. thumbs up Smile


News from the Hamner House III
After last year the redesign of the grounds around the Hamner House and the opening of a bed and breakfast next door were announced, some changes have been made. Unfortunately, all planned measures were cancelled-or completely discontinued. The initiator of the whole project Ray Castro left of the project. The Hamner house will now be continued by Carole Johnson and will continue to take place in the sightseeing tours of the house. We are sure that Carole Johnson will continue the Hamner House in the sense of Earl Hamner and the Walton fans. Let's see what the future will bring.
As we announced, the Reunion was the last to be held in October 2018, hosted by the Walton International Fan Club under the leadership of Carolyn Grinnell. But now the good news-Carole Johnson is planning to have another reunion to follow. Once more is known, we will announce it.
In addition, there will be a book project in which the fans of Earl Hamner can tell their story, how they met Earl Hamner for the first time, and how he shaped their lives. The book is expected to be published in the spring.


Happy New Year!

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