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Merry Christmas to all our friends, fans of The Waltons and visitors of our website.


Last Reunion of The Waltons International Fan Club
In a few days, the annual Walton Reunion will take place in Lynchburg, Virginia. This reunion will certainly be a very special one. On the one hand, the president of the Walton fan club celebrates her 80th birthday, on the other hand, this reunion will unfortunately be the last reunion of the International Fan Club. This is the decision of the President, which we all respect with great regret, but also with understanding.
Over the years, we were repeatedly contacted by German Walton fans who had been interested to travel to Virginia to be part of a reunion. We were happy to help, we were also willing to take over hotel bookings and to do a lot more. We could have imagined a joint journey by a small German group to a fan meeting. Unfortunately, the fans, who seemed to be serious interested cancelled at the last moment, so we then traveled again in pairs. Now, unfortunately, there will be no new opportunity to do so.
We are very happy that we decided to participate in a fan meeting for the first time in 2010. The cordiality with which we have been recorded, the numerous possibilities of getting to know the cast of the series, the visit of the real Walton house in Los Angeles on the Warner Brothers film site, the encounters with the wonderful Earl Hamner, our visit to his office in LA, in which his beautiful stories have been created, his invitation to lunch, the friendship to other fans of the Waltons and so much more, was worth every trip to the reunions. It is a pity that an era is coming to an end here, but all the moments will remain in our memories forever.


Reunion 2018

Picture Source: The Waltons International Fan Club

Picture Source: The Waltons International Fan Club

Picture Source: The Waltons International Fan Club

Picture Source: The Waltons International Fan Club


In loving memory of Earl Hamner

Earl Hamner would have turned 95 today! We think of this great, humble man who has brought many beautiful moments and fond memories to so many people. We miss you, Earl!


Happy Easter !


Walton event

The next event at the Hamner Haus will take place on the weekend of June 01-03. It is celebrated on Mother's and Father's Day with the participation of Michael Learned (Olivia), Mary McDonough (Erin) and Judy Norton (Mary-Ellen). Autograph sessions are planned, photo sessions in the (very good) reconstructed kitchen of the museum and a banquet on Saturday evening.

Tickets are available on the website of the Walton-Hamner House.

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News from the Hamner House II

Here are the next news:

At the end of last year, Ray Castro and Carole Johnson acquired the neighboring property of the Hamner Haus, including a dilapidated building. After the house was demolished, the groundbreaking ceremony for a new building took place on the property in early March. It is planned to build there a replica of the Walton house known to us from the series, in which later a Bed & Breakfast, called Livys B & B is to be created! It is also planned to build a barn and set up a small garden. Also a bronze statue of Earl Hamner should not be missing.

The completion of the replica of the Waltonhaus is expected in the fall of this year. The design of the site is planned to be completed in 2019.

The entire area will be called Earl's Meadow, in reference to and memory of Earl Hamner. Very nice idea!

Here you can see the entire planning of the site in close-up. To do this, click on the link. The article will show a picture of the entire planning. If you click on the picture, it will be enlarged.


News from the Hamner House I
In the fall of last year, the home of Earl Hamner in Schuyler was for sale. After some negotiations, it was bought by Ray Castro, who also hosted the fan meeting in October, and two other Walton fans (Carole Johnson and Kirsten de Maio). The purchase should prevent the Hamner House from falling into private hands, so to speak, and would no longer be accessible to the public in the future. This was successfully prevented by the purchase.
The interior of the Hamner house has been changed a bit. There is a nice board in front of the house and the house is still open for visitors (with a charge). Regular events at the Hamner house and in the Walton museum are also planned or have already taken place. It seems that the museum has been torn from its year-long hibernation by these activities. Michael Learned, Judy Norton and Mary McDonough (Olivia, Mary-Ellen and Erin) will be on location for the next interesting event at the Hamner house in early June.  

The Hamner house now has its own website.
A page has also been set up on Facebook.



Happy New Year !

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