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Merry Christmas to all our friends, fans of The Waltons and visitors of our website.


We share with you a 360° view of the Pony Cart Room and the Autograph Session with Richard Thomas.


More photos to see in our photo gallery. Enjoy our photos of the Saturday evening dinner and from Sunday. More photos will follow soon.


Our first photos from Friday and Saturday are online now.

You can view them when you click on the button "Reunion" and then on "Reunion 2017" or click here. Enjoy !!! 




We are back from our trip to 25th Anniversary of the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler, Virginia.

More pictures coming soon.


It's time for some news :).

As is known, Richard Thomas lives in New York City. Regarding to an article he now is planning to sell his apartment near the Central Park. So, if you would like to get an impression how our "John-Boy" lives today read the article, which also shows pictures of the apartment of Richard Thomas. Smile

Here is the link to the article with photos.


  Picture Source:  

Richard Thomas first ever appearance in Schuyler at the Waltons Museum !

Here are some more news of the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler, Virginia. See the programm below. The venue is the Walton Museum in Schuyler, VA):

  Picture Source: Waltons Mountain Museum, Schuyler   

All tickets for the activities will go on sale on Sunday, 06th of August. The tickets are then available on On this website you also can find further information about accommodation in the area.

Attention: The Waltons International Fan Club has unfortunately cancelled the reunion in October in Lynchburg, which was planned for the same weekend. The president of the fan club has taken this decision in view of the fans so they do not have to choose between both events.

Letter from Carolyn Grinnell about the October 2017 Reunion


Today the new cd of Jon Walmsley arrived. It was a surprise for Manfred and he was so happy when he got it. We already listened to the cd and we both love it. Wonderful blues music and a great voice !

You can order Jon Walmsleys cd on his website


Check out Jon Walmsleys new website . His new CD "goin´ to Clarksdale" will be released on June 1st. You can pre-order it on his website. You also can get autographed photos and the newest information.  

05-07-2017                                    C A N C E L L E D !!!

Another Waltons reunion will be held in Virginia in October. The 25th anniversary of the reunion will take place in Lynchburg, Virginia from 20 - 21st of October. At the same time, the museum in Schuyler is celebrating its 25th anniversary so we can look forward to an exciting weekend.


More details will follow later.


Below you can see one more interesting video of the Waltons 45th Anniversary Reunion.


Sad news !

Erin Moran has passed away on April 22nd. She suffered from throat cancer, diagnosed only a few months before her death.
Erin Moran
was 56 years old.

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Good night Erin, good night Sally Ann !



Below you can see three interesting videos of the Waltons 45th Anniversary Reunion.




Today the celebrations for the 45th anniversary of our favorite tv show have come to an end. Earl Hamner's hometown Schuyler, Waltons Mountain, had to deal with thousands that weekend. Yesterday morning some of the fans had to stand in the line for the autograph session at the museum in Schuyler for more than 5 hours, until they could finally get to the cast for an autograph and photo. We think it was just as much going on as the opening of the museum back in 1992.

Here you can see some photos of the museum and Schuyler and the fans and cast members. By the way .... who recognizes Jon Walmsley in the photos? A huge change, but looks really good!


n loving memory of Earl Hamner,

who passed away one year ago.

We miss you so much.


Do you remember the episode with Martha Corinne and the Pony Cart (Season 5)? Well, this old pony cart still exists and has been "rediscovered" in California in an old barn. The pony cart has now been brought across the USA to the Waltons Museum in Schuyler, Virginia by the organizer of the 45th Anniversary of the Waltons Ray Castro and friends. On the occasion of the Walton Reunion at the end of March, the carriage will be exhibited, after which it will probably be shown again in October in the museum.

See here Ray Castro´s documentary about the discovery of the pony cart until it´s arrival at the Waltons museum. Very interesting!


Very sad news again:

The actor, writer, director and teacher Richard Hatch passed away peacefully yesterday, on February 7, at the age of only 71 years in Los Angeles, with his family and friends on his site.He lost a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Richard Hatch was born on May 21,1945 in Santa Monica, California. He started his career at the theater stage before he began his television career in 1970 in the TV series "All my Children". He had many guest appearances in best-known TV series and films. He was very well known as a worthy successor of Michael Douglas in the TV series "The Streets of San Francisco" beside the unforgotten Karl Malden. For this role he won the German Bravo Award. His most famous role was Captain Apollo in original Battlestar Galactica television series. For this he received a Golden Globe nomination in 1978.

To all the fans of the Waltons Richard Hatch is best known in his role as Wade Walton, a relative of the Waltons. He lived with his wife Vera, his grandfather and great-grandmother Martha Corrine in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and there, with the support of the Waltons from Waltons Mountain, tried to defend his land against the construction of a large-scale project. This episode was called "The Conflict" from the 3rd season.

We personally met Richard Hatch on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Waltons 2012 in Los Angeles. It is hard to imagine that this sympathetic, so good-looking man, who still radiated so much youthfulness and never looked like being almost 70 years, is now no longer with us. Very sad.

Here is a link to the website of Richard Hatch . And another link to a condolence book for fans who want to leave a few words.

Good night Richard !


We wish all friends of THE WALTONS and visitors of our website a

Happy and healthy NEW YEAR !

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