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In Loving Memory of Earl Hamner

July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016




We wish all friends of the Waltons and visitor of our fanpage a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

Warm Walton wishes, Dagmar and Manfred


If you like to take a look behind the scences of the filming of "The Homecoming" watch the following home video of Kami Cotler's family. From 14:53 you can watch the filming of the very well known scene when the children come along through the snow with a cow. Of course, the quality of this private video does not meet current requirements, but it is worth watching Kami Cotler and the others when they build a snowman. How small they have been then !

The actor David Huddleston, who played Sheriff Ep Bridges in "The Homecoming", remembers in the beginning of the film about the shooting.

Many thanks to Barbara and Kami Cotler for providing the video and Ray Castro for uploading on youtube.



Just in time for the first Sunday in Advent you can see more pictures of our trip. Today we have uploaded 110 images of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can find them in our photo gallery 2013.

We hope you enjoy some of the beautiful shots and a nice first Advent to you all !


Visit Schuyler, Rockfish and the Walton Museum with our virtual tours.  Enjoy !



We have uploaded more photos from our vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can find them under Reunion 2013 or Photos. 


More photos will follow soon!


Start with your virtual trip to Schuyler and area! We have uploaded the first virtual tours, these you can find at Reunion 2013 "Virtual tours".  More virtual tours coming soon ...



Here are now the photos of the Reunion Dinner 2013!








Today, the Waltons Reunion has come to an end. Unfortunately, time has passed far too fast and it was once again time to say goodbye to so many dear people who became friends in time.

The fan meeting was a great success. We had a very relaxed and nice weekend with four wonderful cast members who let you feel like being a good friend. This reunion was dedicated to Joe Conley who is greatly been missed.

We have now added more pictures of the reunion. The next pictures will follow shortly.



Warm Walton wishes from the Walton Reunion 2013 !


We have uploaded a few photos of the Meet & Greet yesterday afternoon ( go to Reunion/Reunion 2013). Unfortunately our camera had some problems so we lost some photos. Hope it will work better today.


It was such a great pleasure to meet David Harper, Deidre Lenihan, Michael McGreevey and Angel Rhoades again. Unfortunately Hal Williams could not attend the reunion due to some health issue. We all hope he will be well very soon.


Now we are going to Schuyler to see the former home of Earl Hamner, the Walton museum which celebrates their 21 Anniversary today and much more. And this evening we will have a wonderful banquet together in memory of Joe Conley.



The Waltons family reunited!

On 04 September, all members of the Waltons family  (yes, all - including Richard Thomas, Michael Learned and Ralph Waite !) and of course the creator Earl Hamner came together on the studio lot of Warner Bros. for a reunion picture for Entertainment Weekly magazine followed by an article. The article and the photo will be published on Oct. 11th. !

Afterwards Good Morning America had an interview with all the cast members and they also produced a video of this event. Both will be shown on TV in October ( in the week of Oct. 11th).

We are sure that both will also be found on youtube or on the website of Good Morning America. We will inform you accordingly. Great!

One or maybe more autographed pictures of the Waltons will soon be auctioned by Mary McDonough on ebay. Mary will share this on her Facebook page in due time.




Photo printed with kindly permission of Mary McDonough ! Thank you, Mary !




Information for the Walton fans who are planning to take part of the Waltons Appreciation Cruise in October:


This was posted on the Cruise Facebook on August 5th:

Hello all Waltons fans, CruiseOne has been organizing the Waltons Cruise since July 2012. Unfortunately over half of the 250+ people who had said that they were traveling on the cruise have not & did not actually pay. Yesterday Sunday 4 August 2013 was the last day for the receipt of full payment, before guests who had paid, would have lost their deposit. That was a scenario that simply would not have been fair to those guests who had paid.

The Waltons fee element of the fare, was to be used to meet the cost of the six cast members traveling on the cruise. Because so many people had not paid, CruiseOne did not have sufficient funds to accommodate all the cast members & they in turn did not want a few cast members travelling on the cruise and the remainder left behind . Therefore it was decided after waiting as long as we could for guests to pay & with immense regret, that the Waltons element of the cruise would have to be cancelled.

We are extremely sorry about this however it was essential that those guests who had paid, had the option of getting their money back . As stated earlier, yesterday Sunday 4 August 2013 was the last day on which paid guests could request a full refund of the cruise payment. Hence CruiseOne could not wait any longer for those who had not paid & a decision had to be made.

The decision was not made lightly but the reality of the situation was, that the lack of payment made what was going to be a wonderful event, financially untenable.

CruiseOne extends its profound regret for the disappointment this decision is certain to cause all those Waltons fans who paid for the cruise and supported us in this venture.

We fully understand those who have expressed anger but sincerely thank those whose messages have been measured, reasonable & understanding.

CruiseOne would also like to thank all the Waltons actors who had agreed to participate in the Walton Appreciation Cruise.



This are very disappointed news for all of the fans who already have paid their trip. What a shame !



Eric Scott and Joe Conley shared a very close friendship for more than 35 years. At the funeral service Eric Scott held a very touching eulogy for Joe which can be read here in excerpts.


Many thanks to Eric Scott for his touching words and for his kind permission to publish his eulogy on our website.




Joy and sorrow are sometimes so close together:


Today is a very special day for the man who created THE WALTONS. Without him there won´t be any Waltons on tv or in our hearts.


The wonderful and unique Earl Hamner celebrates his 90th birthday today !


Happy Birthday, Earl ! We wish you every happiness on your special day and God bless you !!!




Here is a wonderful video with Joe Conley, interviewed by Ray Castro about 1 1/2 year ago. Thank you Ray for share your video with us.



 RIP Joe Conley

1928 - 2013


Goodnight Joe ! Goodnight Ike Godsey, America´s best known and most popular Storekeeper !

We will miss you.


More later... We are very sad.



Happy Birthday to the wonderful actor Ralph Waite - our John Walton - who celebrates his 85th birthday today !!!



Kami Cotler, little Elizabeth of the Waltons celebrates her 48th Birthday today.


Happy Birthday Kami !


Many of you may know that Eric Scott's then wife Theresa, mother of daughter Ashley tragically died 2 days after Ashleys birth in 1992. In February 1993 Eric spoke in people magazine about his own tragedy and how he learned to go on. Here is the article.


Many thanks to Eric Scott for his kindly permission and for the photo of Ashley and him then.



Today is John-Boys - Richard Thomas - 62nd Birthday. How time flies !

Happy Birthday, Richard !



On April 3rd, 2013 Earl Hamner was honored by the Senate of Virginia for his fantastic life's work. Especially his TV show The Waltons put the State of Virginia into a favorable light to the public. For this now he has been honored.

More to see here "Earl Hamner / Honour 2013".


Our thanks goes to Cynthia Dunaway Brittain for her support !



Another actor has confirmed his participation on the Waltons Cruise: Tom Bower (Dr. Curtis Willard, Mary Ellen's husband) will take part on the cruise in October


We´ve met Tom Bower last year. He is a very warm and friendly person. Great to have him on board too ! 



Here is a very nice interview with Michael Learned by Rodger Mullen from the Fayetteville Observer, NC from March 2013. Michael Learned talks about her play "Driving Miss Daisy " and why The Waltons are still so famous.


Many thanks to the author Rodger Mullen and the Fayetteville Observer NC for their permission to publish this article on our website.



For all of you who had planned to meet Mary McDonough on the Waltons Cruise in October. Unfortunately Mary McDonough had to cancel her attendance due to time reasons.


What a shame !



Some of you may have already heard of the Waltons cruise which is planned by a British organizer for October to the Caribbean Sea. The prices start at $ 1300 for 9 nights for the inside cabin, double occupancy without flight and hotel accommodation from New York.

Aboard will be:
Michael Learned, Judy Norton, Eric Scott, Jon Walmsley and Ronnie Claire Edwards.

On board are planned some autograph sessions and two dinners with the cast members.

Even here we look forward to reports from participants!








The Walton Mountain Museum will reopen for the 21st Season on Saturday, March 2, 2013.                                                                    





Michael Learned on tour again: A great chance to see Michael Learned on stage again in the play Driving Miss Daisy ! Here are some information:


February 6th - March, 17th in Jacksonville, FL at the Alhambra Theatre & Dining

March, 21 - March, 24th in Pinehurst, NC with the Judson Thatre Company

June, 14th - August, 4th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre


If you are able to see her in this play we would be happy to get your review and maybe some photos of her.



From today on comes in a new outfit.

A few things we have changed. Now you may find a separate menu "Photos", where all images can be viewed by year. Also there is a sub-menu "Videos". We have added some new pictures on several pages, developed new banners, added some missing texts and now you can send us your own memories or stories, which we will then publish on our site with your permission.


Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey) has published a new book which she presented at the Waltons 40th anniversary events in Los Angeles last fall. The title is:


Mr. Godsey asked me to marry him and I said "yes!"


The 119-page book is filled with her memories and also provided with many unknown pictures. You learn more about this here.


To all fans of the Waltons and visitors of our fan page


A Happy and Healthy New Year 2013!


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