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July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016



After a very exciting year - our Waltons celebrated their 40th Anniversary in September - it´s Christmas time again. We want to say thanks to all the friends of the Waltons and of our fanpage for your numerous feedback, suggestions and your thoughts and feelings and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

Warm Walton wishes, Dagmar and Manfred




More photos to see in our photo gallery. To enlarge click on the photos. Have fun !




In our photo gallery (see Waltons Mountain) you may find now a first selection of photos of our trip from September 2012. More photos will follow soon.



We have uploaded a video of the Walton house tour from the Waltons reunion in Los Angeles from end of September. 

Have fun !!!




Here is a other video from the Red Carpet of the 40th Anniversary of The Waltons in Los Angeles.





Almost 20 years ago, on October 24, 1992, the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler was opened. Today the museum will celebrate their 20th Anniversary Day .

Congratulations to the 20th Anniversary and we wish you many more years of success with lots of visitors from around the world.
Here you may find a video of the museum opening 20 years ago. 



We have another video for you:  Randy Smith from California has kindly provided us his own video of the red carpet appearance of the Waltons cast members and more. He had probably got a place in the front row and thus many beautiful shots came out.

Many thanks to Randy Smith for his kindly permit to show his great video on our website. We really appreciate it !



We have uploaded two videos from the Waltons reunion in Los Angeles from end of September.  One shows Ralph Waite unceremoniously telling a joke to bridge the time to the next point of the evening.

The second video shows the performance of the German Bluegrass band "Covered Grass"
at the dinner following the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Waltons at  the Wilshire Ebell Theatre on September 29. Unfortunately, their appearance has got lost completely in the hubbub. The background music of the evening was given no attention and correspondingly angry and disappointed the group members of Covered Grass left the party immediately after their performance with Goodnight John-Boy. Very unfortunate for the band, who had so much look forward to this evening. 




More pics to see ! We have visited the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum. A place Will Geer created a long time ago. When we arrived we met Ellen Geer, his daughter and his grandson. They told us many stories about the Botanicum and they both showed us the place where the ashes of  Will Geer and his wife Herta Ware had been buried.

A very touching moment for all of us.




More photos to see ! Here are the photos of the 40th anniversary of The Waltons in the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles ( Waltons Reunion ).




After two very exciting days here in Burbank the Walton Reunion already is history !

Here are the photos of the Friday Reunion Dinner in Burbank  ( see Waltons Reunion ) .

Have fun !!!



The photos of the Waltons house tour are online now on our website ( Waltons Reunion ).

Have fun !




With Pa Walton at the Reunion in Burbank, CA.

More photos will follow soon ...




Unfortunately Michael Learned won´t be able to attend both events on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 in LA because of her schedules. We are sure many fans are very disappointed about that.


Ralph Waite will take part of the Reunion Dinner on Friday in Burbank. This will be the first time he will attend a Reunion Dinner, organized by the Waltons International Fan Club.  We are looking forward to meet Mr. Ralph Waite personally !


Mariclaire Costella - " Ms. Rosemary Hunter Fordwick " has made her commitment to attend the Reunion Dinner this Friday ! What a joy to meet her in real.




Would you like to win a trip to Los Angeles including attending the Waltons International Fan Club Reunion Celebration Dinner honoring The Waltons 40th Annisversary and a tour to the Walton house ? Then see the INSP web-site where you can find an interesting post. INSP is giving two lucky people a chance to win this trip to LA.

For further details see here

Good luck to everybody !

Picture Souce:



A few days ago David and Diana from Canada visited the play "Love Letters" with Michael Learned and Ralph Waite ( Ma and Pa Walton ). Their report of the meeting with both actors and some very nice pictures you can find here

Many thanks to David and Diana !




Tribute to the famous tv series THE WALTONS by Covered Grass, a Bluegrass Band from Germany. The song is called  "Good night John-Boy - The Waltons ". The goodnight ritual at the end of each episode was their inspiration to this song. Please share if you like it and visit their homepage

Covered Grass will appear on World Of Bluegrass Week in Nashville from sept. 24th - sept. 30th 2012.



Ma and Pa Walton reunited! From August 8th to August 26th Michael Learned and Ralph Waite will be together again on stage in Canada at the Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia, Ontario. The well-known play is called Love Letters. This is certainly a great opportunity to admire both "Waltons" on the stage.

If someone is able to attend this play we would appreciate your feedback of course!






Now it is official. Many cast members made their commitment to attend the Reunion 2012 on September 28th in Burbank, organized by The Waltons International Fan Club ! See the list of honor guests here "Waltons Reunion / Reunion news ".

If you plan to make your reservation contact Vicky or Carolyn to be sure to get your ticket for this unforgettable evening !



The tickets for the 40th Anniversary of THE WALTONS on September 29th at the Wilshire Theatre, LA are available from today on. If you like to get your ticket go to

Here is an interview with Michael Learned regarding the celebration on September 29th.




The paperback of Mary McDonough´s book "Lessons from the Mountain-What I learned from Erin Walton will be available from today on. The paperback includes some extra bonus material.




40th Anniversary of "The Waltons"

On September 14, 1972 The Waltons started with the first episode "The Foundling" on American television. This year the TV show celebrate their 40th anniversary ! On September 29, a festive event to honor The Waltons takes place in Los Angeles at the Wilshire Theatre.

Currently confirmed has Michael Learned (Olivia Walton) and of course Earl Hamner besides all seven Walton kids including Richard Thomas "John-Boy". Also, Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards (Ike Godsey and Corabeth) Lynn Hamilton and Hal Williams (Verdie Grant and Harley Foster) will appear as guests of honor. In addition, other special guests are invited, such as Leslie Winston (Cindy Walton), Lee Purcell, Ellen Geer (daughter of Will Geer) and many more.

The list of honored guests is not finished yet. Additional invitations are pronounced and certainly
the list will expand to more special and honoured guests. The tickets are available from 29th of May.

For detailed information check out the website




Waltonfriend Izzy has created more videos of the Waltons. Have fun !




You may find another wonderful video on our website from Walton friend Izzy "Waltons Mountain / Friends of the Waltons


The Waltons 40th Anniversary event!


The Walton's 40th Anniversary: Celebrating Family & Education at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 6:00pm PDT until 8:30 PDT.


For more details see  or @ Facebook




The Waltons Mountain Museum celebrates the 20th Anniversary in October. Julie and Jeff Burns have been in Schuyler on the Opening Day of the Museum back in 1992. They are both so friendly to share their photos and video from the Opening Day with us. Here you may find it. 

Thank you Julie and Jeff for your support !




Walton friend Izzy ( 12 years old ) from UK created a tribute for Olivia and John Walton. You may find her wonderful video on youtube and here on our website "Waltons Mountain / Friends of the Waltons" .

We are sure you will like her video. Leave a comment on Izzy´s youtube channel if you like.

Thank you Izzy for this lovely tribute !








Today the Walton Museum will reopen for the Season 2012.




(INSP click here)       Picture © INSP





Go to INSP to see newly released footage from the Walton's Reunion Special 2010.




We have added a Buttom "Reunion News" under Waltons Reunion. Here you can find all informations for the next Reunion 2012 .




Great video of the Opening day of the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler, VA on 10-24-1992. Enjoy ! 

Thank you TJElevatorfan for uploading this video on youtube !




We have uploaded another Reunion 2011 video. Have fun !!!




We have uploaded another video of the reunion 2011 ( Autograph session and visit to Schuyler on Saturday morning ) !




Here is Part II of Patricks interview with Jon Walmsley (Actors/Jason Walton).




Our first Video "Meet & Greet" of the Reunion 2011 in Lynchburg is now online (menue item Reunion). Enjoy !




We finally reviewed our entire footage of the Reunion in Lynchburg and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Richmond. Within the next few days and weeks we will publish some videos on our website (menue item Reunion). Enjoy !




To all fans of the Waltons and visitors of our fan page

A Happy and Healthy New Year 2012!

Great news ! David Harper was so friendly to give us an interview for our website. You will find it here (actors).



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