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July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016




The publication of the autobiography of Mary McDonough (Erin) is now according to Amazon on 29th of  March 2011 in the USA, just less than a month earlier than originally planned. The book can be ordered now.





The year 2010 comes to an end. It was a successful year. Our website now exists for more than a year and is already very well assumed by the fans of The Waltons which expressed by the  feedback in our guest book, with numerous personal email and even through the poll on our front page. We are very happy about this.


The TV show The Waltons has now existed for almost 40 years and the love to this show is still unbroken. We think this great interest today is a sure sign that more and more people longing for a "simple, straight-line" life. Unfortunately we can not turn back the time.  But it is up to us to insert a DVD into the recorder and for one or two hours (or more) we let us take back into a time  where prudence, wisdom, love and respect for each other was of importance .


In this context we wish all of you out there a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year .






Below you can find our report about the Walton Reunion 2010.
Click here.





 This morning we received the sad news that the famous writer John McGreevey, who had written many wonderful scripts for The Waltons passed away November, 24th,2010. 

John McGreevey wrote the scripts for the following episodes (for example) :
The Foundling, The Hunt, The Star, The Scholar, The Fawn, The Matchmakers, The Burnout I. / II, The Best Christmas and The Children´s Carol.

This is just a small selection of his work. Altogether he wrote the script for 20 episodes for The  Waltons.
For The Scholar (Season 1) John McGreevey won an Emmy in 1973! For the episode The Easter Story he received an Emmy nomination in 1974.

Besides The Waltons John McGreevey wrote for numerous other shows and movies the script. To name only a few: Lassie, My Three Sons, Laramie, Family Affair, Ironside and many, many more.
We owe him some of the most beautiful episodes of The Waltons.





Goodnight, John McGreevey !Anhören






I had the opportunity to get an interview with Joe Conley.  Here it is (Actors/Ike Godsey/Interview). Have fun !















Below you can find a video from the banquet. Click here.





More videos of the Reunion 2010 to watch.... Check out and enjoy !




Below you can find a video from Joe Conley's visit at the Hamner house in Schuyler and a Videos from the Hamner house tour. Click here.




Unfortunately we received only two response to our images of the  Walton Reunion 2010. Before we will post more photos and some videos of the Reunion on our site we want to know yet if there is any general interest for it. You may use our guestbook for your response. Thank you ;-)!




More photos of the Hamner house and the Reunion 2010 are here .



Here is our first photo from the Dinner yesterday evening.


Joe , Dagmar and Manfred (Thank you Patrick for sharing)

Joe Conley " Ike ", Dagmar and Manfred





Dear Waltonfans,

here are some photos from Schyler and the Waltonfan meeting yesterday.
Mr. Conley is a very very nice man. Have a look at the photos. More are coming





Today we arrived in Lynchburg, Virginia. Before we have visited Schuyler and Scottsville. Here are some photos for you.





The next Walton's Int'l Fan Club Fall Reunion 2010 will be Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23, 2010 in Lynchburg, Virginia. America's most famous storekeeper,


Mr. Ike Godsey (Joe Conley),


will be attending the Reunion as guest of honor. 


Our little surprise for you: we will attend this Reunion as well. And we will report directly from there ! 

We look forward to meet Joe and his wife Louise.


Tomorrow we will start our trip to Virginia . See you soon there !





Today we celebrate


                                                  1 year !  


Thanks to everybody for visiting our site, for your many entries in our guestbook and for your nice emails. Any positive feedback we are very pleased and encouraged us to gather more details and background information about our favorite shows and share them with you. 


Thank you for your support !




09-29-2010  Hot News


You can find more photos and one more video under Walton Reunion / Reunion Special 2010 .




09-28-2010  Hot News

The Kitchen table is full and the Walton family is having a b... on Twitpic

 Do you like to know how the Waltons look like today?  Here they are  - taken on 28/09/2010 in Los Angeles while shooting a one-hour Walton Specials because of the rerun of the show on INSP Network. For a full size click on the picture please.







Good news for all american fans of the Waltons:  THE WALTONS WILL BEGIN AIRING ON OCTOBER 18th.on INSP Network. They will start with Season 1. 

And there will be shown a Walton Reunion Special with the Walton family cast which will also be aired on October 18th.





Who is your favorite Walton? Here you can vote for your favorite Walton. 





The autobiography of Mary McDonough (Erin)


   Lessons from the Mountain,

What I Learned From Erin Walton




will appear in May 2011 in the USA. The book describes the life of Mary's with the "Waltons" and her life after the end of the series. It includes many anecdotes and memories from the `old Walton days´. Earl Hamner, creator of the Waltons, has written the foreword.




A Ralph Waite interview • August 2, 2010 • you can find here:





Sad news again:

On 08/08/2010, the American actress Patricia Neal died in the age of 84 years at her home in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. She suffered from lung cancer. Patricia Neal played in the pilot film of the Waltons "The Homecoming - A Christmas Story" the role of mother Olivia Walton, for which she received an Emmy nomination. In the later series, this role was taken over by Michael Learned.


Patricia Neal was married to the British author Roald Dahl from 1953 til 1983. They got divorced in 1983. Patricia and Roald had five children together. Roald Dahl died 1990.

Patricia Neal received the Oscar for leading actress in "Hud" on the side of Paul Newman and a Tony for her career on Broadway.

Patricia Neal had no easy life. Many crises, the death of her daughter Olivia at the age of seven and her health problems for many years made her life difficult. In her 1988 published autobiography "As I Am," she wrote,
"Frequently my life has been likened to a Greek tragedy, and the actress in me cannot deny that comparison."

Good Night Patricia!

Source / Author:  David Shankbone   - 

Patricia Neal by David Shankbone  26. April 2007  (GNU-Lizenz)


You may find an Obituary by Earl Hamner here







Sad news for the friends of the Waltons:

Ralph E. Giffin, a great friend of the Waltons, passed away April 02, 2010 at the age of 68.

Ralph Giffin was the creator of the official website in 1997. From 1993 until his retirement in 2005 Ralph Giffin was also the original and long-time editor of of the Blue Ridge Cronicles, the quarterly publication of the Waltons Mountain Museum in Schuyler, Virginia. And he was the co-author, belong with Earl Hamner, of the wonderful, highly recommended book "Goodnight John-Boy".

A few months ago we had email contact with Ralph and got to know him as a very friendly and helpful person.

 Ralph has done a wonderful work for us Waltonfans and he will be missed so much.

Goodnight Ralph !








On June 25th, between two and five o\'clock am, our provider has scheduled a maintenance window. This could lead to a restricted availability of our website for a short duration.





Have a look at our new Walton Family Tree  Part 2 ( Actors )!  It's referring to the ancestors of the Waltons.






A Walton Wedding will be shown on tv Friday June 11th. 2010 at 8:00pm on GMC
( DirecTV channel 338.




You will find a detailed guide for all the Walton Movies here.





Tony and Sandy from Wilmington, NC have visited Schuyler in Virginia two month ago. They have been so nice to share their photos with us. You will find the photos and a short description of their impressions below Waltons Mountain / Report Tony and Sandy . There is also a link where you will find much more photos of their trip to Virginia.


Tony and Sandy, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us !!!




Today we added a 6-minutes video of the Blue Ridge Parkway ( Blue Ridge Mountains). Have a look at Waltons Mountains - Video.




You will find a 5-minutes Video about The Waltons ( 2007 ) with Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Richard Thomas, Eric Scott, Judy Norton, Mary McDonough and Kami Cotler at "Links" .

Have fun !





Have a look at our floor plan of the Walton house ( Ground floor ). You can find it here.




A Waltons update by Earl Hamner : See Earl Hamner ( Earl´s Blog ). Very interesting !




You can find a wonderful interview with Earl Hamner here





  Happy 71st Birthday  


Michael Learned "Olivia Walton"







Happy Easter


to all Waltonfans and visitors


of our Website!



We like to say " thank you very much" for your good votes. If you like you can leave a comment in our Guest book!!!





Now you will find a short biography of Jon Walmsley with a small video of him from youtube. Please check it out ( Actors ).





Musician Jon Walmsley will be on tour. Here are the next dates :


11 March - Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio
Abbey Road Memories Show with Denny Laine and Terry Sylvester
12 March - Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio
with Tommy Cash
13 March - Venue Music Bar, Freeport, Maine
Abbey Road Memories Show with Denny Laine and Terry Sylvester
16 March - BB Kings, New York City, NY
Abbey Road Memories Show with Joey Molland and Terry Sylvester




Have a look at our new Walton Family Tree ( Actors ) !




Now we have a new button Earl Hamner .

Have a look at the Hamner Family Tree we just created.

More information about Earl Hamner will be continued.




Good news from Waltons Mountain: The original Waltons House - The Hamner House - in Schuyler , Virginia is open to the puplic now. You have the possibility to book a tour thru the Hamner house. Later this year visitors can book the whole house for their stay in Schuyler. The prices are not fixed yet.


More details coming soon...





Now we have a new button " About us ". Here you can read a little bit about us and here you can get in contact with us, if you like to. Grobis world you will find there as well.




Joe Conley " Ike" sent me back his autobiography which I have sent to him three weeks ago. He wrote such a nice note in my book. It has touched me deeply.

Joe, thank you so much for it.




You will find two more videos of the Walton reunion in Nov. 2009 on "Walton Reunion".

Check it out !





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Today we start with a new menu item " Actors ". Because of his new book Ike Godsey of Waltons Mountain we will start with Joe Conley.

To all the Waltonfans and fans of Joe Conley we can recommend this book to you ! 


In the near further we will continue we all the other Waltons.


The old menues " Travel report, videos and photos" we changed into a new menu item "Waltons Mountain". Here you can find now our travel report, the photo gallery and the videos. 





Today I received Joe Conleys book " Ike Godsey of Waltons Mountain". The book containes  a lot of nice black and white photos. I started to skim the book and what I have seen so far is very interesting.

I am looking forward to read this book.      Ike's Book





Good news from the Waltons: Joe Conley, "Ike Godsey" from the Waltons, wrote his autobiography called  Ike Godsey of Walton's Mountain .

You can order it at BearManor Media or Amazon from today on. Have a look at "Links".


I already ordered my book. It will arrive here in Germany at the end of January.





HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the fans of the Waltons and to all other visitors of our website.

Your friendly feedback let us continue with this site.


Thank you for your support !


Dagmar and Manfred




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