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Happy Easter !


Happy Birthday !!!

Hard to believe, Michael Learned turns 80 today. Congratulations, dear Michael.



News from John and Olivias B&B

The construction of John and Olivia's B & B in Schuyler is progressing. You can already see the exact floor plan. Here are a few photos of the construction with the kind permission of the owners. Thanks for that !

If you compare the floor plan of the Walton house from the show with the new house, you can see parallels. The porch will point directly to the street and to the Walton Museum.

  Picture Source: The Walton Hamner House  

  Picture Source: The Walton Hamner House  

  Picture Source: The Walton Hamner House  


Sad news !

The actor Morgan Woodward, who portrayed Boone Walton from The Waltons, unfortunately passed away on February 22 at the age of 93. Morgan Woodward has starred in countless television roles, including Bonanza, Dallas, Kojak, Petrocelli, Star Trek, and more. He also took roles in many of the typical western movies.

Here is the official website of Morgan Woodward.


News from the Hamner House V
Now it is official: the owner of the Hamner House in Schuyler has bought another property on which a bed and breakfast is to be built. The property is located directly opposite the Walton Museum and next to the Hamner House. The municipal council has now agreed to a building in the sense of the owner.
Planed is a house in the style of the Walton house from the series with 5 rooms and 5 bathrooms as well as an apartment for permanent use. The B&B is fitting to John and Olivia's. The excavators have already been rolled up. The completion and grand opening is planned for October 2019. We are looking forward to this addition to the small town of Schuyler!

  Picture Source:  


News from the Hamner House IV
It seems soon more exciting news about the Hamner House in Schuyler. Plans for a new building are made, but they will have to be approved. This approval process is in progress and a decision will be expected shortly. We hope that, from mid-February, we will be able to say more about this. thumbs up Smile


News from the Hamner House III
After last year the redesign of the grounds around the Hamner House and the opening of a bed and breakfast next door were announced, some changes have been made. Unfortunately, all planned measures were cancelled-or completely discontinued. The initiator of the whole project Ray Castro left of the project. The Hamner house will now be continued by Carole Johnson and will continue to take place in the sightseeing tours of the house. We are sure that Carole Johnson will continue the Hamner House in the sense of Earl Hamner and the Walton fans. Let's see what the future will bring.
As we announced, the Reunion was the last to be held in October 2018, hosted by the Walton International Fan Club under the leadership of Carolyn Grinnell. But now the good news-Carole Johnson is planning to have another reunion to follow. Once more is known, we will announce it.
In addition, there will be a book project in which the fans of Earl Hamner can tell their story, how they met Earl Hamner for the first time, and how he shaped their lives. The book is expected to be published in the spring.


Happy New Year!

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