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Judy Norton

Judy Norton was born on January 29, 1958 in Santa Monica, California. In the age of seven, she appeared on stage for the first time. After a few small roles in TV series (such as Hotel, 1967), she received her first major role as Mary Ellen in the movie "The Homecoming, A Christmas Story." In the following year she started acting as Mary Ellen in the famous American TV series "The Waltons", where she played the oldest of three daughters of the Walton family.

After the end of the tv show Judy also played in the following movies from 1982 - 1997.

During the filming of the Waltons Judy Norton got married but the marriage lasted only shortly.

After finishing her role as Mary Ellen Walton Judy went to Canada where she managed two Dinner Theatres together with her second husband Randy Apostle for eight years. They have one son, Devin.

Judy is a very athletic woman (horseback riding, tennis, skiing, marathon), and she is very well known as an excellent singer. Today she appears preferably in solo programs (Judy Norton and Friends) or in musicals (Hello Dolly, Cinderella, Annie get your gun, etc.). She also works as an actor, director and writer.

Judy Norton was an active Scientologist but we don´t know if she still is.

Today Judy Norton is married to Robert Graves and she now lives in the U.S., California.


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