David W. Harper then                                         and today (2011)                                        


David W. Harper

David W. Harper was born on October 4, 1961 in Abilene, Texas. His father was the actor Paul Harper. His mother was a vocal artist.

His first role on TV David Harper got in the movie  „The Homecoming - A Christmas Story“, the precursor of „ The Waltons „. One year later he assumed the role of the dreamy and sometimes introverted Jim-Bob Walton in the famous TV show „The Waltons“. David Harper was also seen in all subsequent films of the Waltons.

David Harper acted in two or three other films but other appearances are not known. Meanwhile he ended his career as an actor. 

It is known that David Harper worked for Eric Scott (Ben Walton) as a driver in the past.

Further information about his private life are unknown. 

David Harper sporadically attend the annual Reunions of the Waltons and he is in telephone contact with the President of the Waltons International Fan Club.

After we met David Harper personally in Lynchburg in October 2011 he was so kind to give us an interview which you can find here ( interview).

Thank you David for your autograph.



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