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Jon Walmsley

Jon Walmsley is born February 6, 1956 in Blackburn (Lancashire), England .

When Jon was a small child his parents moved to the United States. His great talent is the music. He plays piano, guitar, cello, harmonica and percussion instruments and some more. He also composes his own songs and also sings.

Jon Walmsley was best known for the role of Jason Walton in the popular American television series „The Waltons“. Before his role as Jason Walton Jon had small appearances on television including a speaking role in the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" (1968).

After the end of the series "The Waltons" Jon Walmsley was rarely seen on camera. His passion was the music. So he played among other things in the 80s as guitarist for the then very popular singer Richard Marx. Today Jon Walmsley plays in his own band, The UK Beat (check Links).

In 1979 Jon married Lisa Harrison, who portrayed the role of Toni Hazleton Walton ( Jon´s wife in “The Waltons“ ). They have one daughter, Brighton. Today they are divorced.

In 2004 Jon met his second wife Marion (from Bavaria) when he came to Germany for a promotional tour for "The Waltons". They married in August 2008. Today both live in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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