In Loving Memory of Earl Hamner

July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016


Tribute to Earl Hamner by the Senate of Virginia

On April 03rd, 2013 Earl Hamner was honored by the Senate of Virginia in Richmond for his outstanding literary achievements. He received a framed copy of the resolution in recognition of his services to the state of Virginia.

Due to his movies and series such as Spencer's Mountain, The Homecoming and The Waltons, Earl Hamner has put the state of Virginia into a very favorable light to the American public. The story of the Waltons family is based on the childhood memories of Earl Hamner, including his parents, grandparents, siblings and neighbors in his home town Schuyler in Nelson County.

Senates resolution praises the immense talent of Earl Hamners and his remarkable achievements and called The Waltons “a piece of America” and Earl Hamner a “Virginia treasure”.

This Senate proclamation was the latest in a large number of awards Earl Hamner has received in the last decades of his work.



 During the ceremony

Earl Hamner´s wife Jane, their daughter Caroline, their son Scott, and sister Nancy, brother Paul and other family members and friends were present at the ceremony.

Family and friends of Earl Hamner on the gallery.Below you see Earl Hamner with his wife and children,who just have entered the hall.

The night before Earl Hamner was honored by the Library of Virginia, which he donated numerous of screenplays, books and correspondence. In a ceremony he was presented and interviewed by Lisa Powell . The ceremony was attended by about 150 friends and fans of Earl Hamner. 



“Some people said The Waltons’ taught lessons,” Hamner said. “I wasn’t trying to do that but because I wrote about people of character and decency it was interpreted that way.”

Earl Hamner said this characteristic sentence, which is typical for his modesty in an interview with the Blue Ridge Life : "“I’m trying to persuade myself that I’m worthy” of the honors he has received.

Earl, you deserve it so much !


Earl Hamner with Cynthia Dunaway Brittain, who kindly gave us her permission to show her photos on our site. Many thanks Cynthia for your support!

More pictures of Cynthia from the ceremony in Richmond are here !



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