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Mary McDonough

Mary McDonough was born on May 4, 1961 as Mary Elizabeth McDonough in Van Nuys (Calif.).

Mary began her film career in 1971 with the movie The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. The great success followed by the presentation of the role of Erin Walton in the famous american TV show "The Waltons,". Mary McDonough played the role of Erin Walton in all subsequent films of the Waltons till 1997.

After completing the filming of "The Waltons" Mary acted in different other TV productions such as Love Boat, Emercency Room, Picket Fences, Ally McBeal.

After breast surgery (implants) Mary fell ill with the autoimmune disease lupus and had to give up her career for a longer time because of health problems. Mary blames leaking silicone implants for the onset of her illness and got involved for lupus sufferers since then.

In 2000 Mary continued with her career. Since that time she appeared again on the screen (for example Boston Legal, Will & Grace and The New Adventures of Old Christine). For "In the Love of May" (2000) Mary McDonough worked as screenwriter and director. Today she also works as a life coach and she is teaching drama students. 

Mary was married to Rob Wickstrom from 1988 -1996 and has one daughter, Sydnee.

Since June 4th, 2011 Mary is married to Don, her boyfriend for years. The ceremony took place during the belated party for Mary´s 50th birthday a few weeks before. It was a great surprise for all the guests. Only her daughter Sydnee and Don´s two daughters were privy in it. Some of Mary´s "Walton family ", namely Michael Learned, Judy Norton, Jon Walmsley, Eric Scott, David Harper and Earl Hamner attended the ceremony.

             Mary in her role as Erin Walton                                     and  today (2011)


Mary lives in Los Angeles and she regularly takes part of the annual Walton Reunions. The contact with her fans, even now after nearly 30 years after the end of the show, is very important for her. 

Mary´s autobiography was published end of March, 2011. Currently Mary is on book signing tour in the US. If Mary´s book will be published in Germany also she would like to come to Germany for a promotion tour. That would be great, Mary !

Mary McDonough has now signed a contract with her publisher for two more books. In the moment (2013/2014) she is working on it. The content is still unknown.



The autobiography of Mary McDonough (Erin)

" Lessons from the Mountains,
What I Learned from Erin Walton"

was published on March 29, 2011 in the USA. The book describes the life of Mary's with the "Waltons" and her life after the end of the series. It includes many anecdotes and memories from the `old Walton days´. Earl Hamner, creator of the Waltons, has written the foreword.

Mary McDonough on Facebook



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