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Kami Cotler then ....                                             and today (2012)


Kami Cotler

Kami Cotler was born June 17, 1965 in Long Beach (California). Her film career started when she was six years old in the movie "The Homecoming - A Christmas Story“. One year later came the role of her life as the young Elizabeth Walton in „The Waltons." Even in the subsequent feature films she has participated.

After completion of the show and the following movies of "The Waltons" Kami Cotler didn´t continue in acting but took a completely different way.

She went to the University and later taught as a teacher at a school near Schuyler, Virginia, the real Waltons Mountain. There she lived for a couple of years on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Meanwhile Kami moved to Los Angeles where she is now on the board of directors of Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale.

Kami Cotler is married and mother of two children (a son and a daughter). Although Kami actually has a life outside of showbiz (e.g. her autograph address is not known ) but every now and then she takes part at the annual Walton Reunions, organized by Carolyn Grinnell from the Waltons International Fan Club.

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