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Ralph Senensky

American director and screenwriter Ralph Senensky was born May 01,1923 in Mason City, Iowa. His career began in 1947 in Iowa when he acquired first experience as a director at community theater. Later he went to Los Angeles and worked for the Pasadena Playhouse as a stage director before he started to work for television. Ralph Senensky has directed in countless famous television series, such as Star Trek, Hart to Hart, The Twilight Zone, The Bill Cosby Show,The F.B.I., Lou Grant, Dynasty, Patridge Family, The Big Valley, to name just a few. In 2013 (at the age of 90 !) he directed the short drama (36 min.) The Right Regrets.

12 wonderful episodes of The Waltons were directed by Ralph Senensky.
These are:
  • The Chicken Thief (Season 2)
  • The Gift (2nd Season)
  • The Cradle (2nd season)
  • The Conflict 1 (Season 3)
  • The Conflict 2 (Season 3)
  • The Marathon (Season 3)
  • The Fire Storm (Season 5)
  • The Pony Cart (Season 5)
  • The Grandchild 1 (Season 6)
  • The Grandchild 2 (Season 6)
  • The Warrior (Season 6)
  • Grandma Comes Home (Season 6)

On his personal website Ralph Senensky very detailed talks about his experiences and memories of each episodes. His memories are a real treasure for all fans and we can highly recommend his site !

By Ralph Senensky originates the following drawing of the upper floor of the house of the Waltons. So far we always have assumed that there is no floor plan of the upper floor of the house because the set was not permanently constructed unlike the ground floor (both on stage 26 on the Warner Brothers studio lot). The set of the upper floor was convertible; it means the walls could be changed as needed. This was specially necessary for the girl's bedroom as this room was also used as John and Olivias bedroom. If needed two walls were quickly changed and the door was already on the other side and the viewer got the impression of being in another room.

Ralph Senensky writes about this on his website as followed:
"As you come up the stairway (in the upper left hand corner of the floor plan) into the upper hall, John-Boy’s bedroom is straight ahead; the boys’ bedroom is on the right, then the bathroom and finally the girls’ bedroom. The girls’ bedroom however also worked as John and Olivia’s bedroom. When we filmed IN the parents’ bedroom, the walls were revamped; a flat wall replaced the doorway used for the girls’ room and a doorway replaced a flat wall in the other corner. The view of the hall through the new door was also revamped when it was John and Olivia’s bedroom. The one change that could not be made: when filming entrances into the bedroom from the hall, both the entrance to the girls’ bedroom and the entrance to the parents’ bedroom were next to the bathroom."


Many thanks to Ralph Senensky for his kind permission to publish the floor plan on our website !



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