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"Love Letters"

Michael Learned and Ralph Waite

together on stage in Petrolia, Canada, 2012

A few days ago we received a very nice email from David and Diana from Canada. They both attended the play "Love Letters" in Pretoria and had the possibility to meet Michael Learned and John Waite after the play. Here is their report with some photos.

Thank you Diana and David for your friendly support and the great photos !

Dagmar, Manfred und Grobi!

My wife and I have watched the Waltons televison program since we were children, and that was many years ago. I came upon your page while looking up some of the characters from the show.

We live in London, Ontario Canada which is not far from Toronto. Yesterday we attended a play in a town not far from London called "Love Letters." Michael Learned (Olivia Walton) and Ralph Waite (John Walton) played the the two characters in the play by A.R. Gurnery.

After the play we had the chance to meet both Michael Learned and Ralph Waite. We had photos signed by each of them. I chatted with with Mr. Waite and he told me that he had once run for U.S. Congress but did not win. He laughed when I asked him if the photo that I purchased for him to sign was a fundraiser for John Boy's College fund.

My wife Diana played with Ms. Learned's little dog named "Daisy" while she waited for her autograph. We were told that where Ms. Learned goes, Daisy is not far behind. She smiled when I asked her to sign a card for my 83 year old mother who is also German and watches the show.

It was an incredible day to watch these fine actors in the play. It was also wonderful to see people who both of us had grown up with on the Waltons television program. We still watch reruns whenever possible. Both of our parents lived through war and the Great Depression and the Waltons is a program that seems very real for us.

Both Diana and I come from German backgrounds (my mother) and both her parents. We both speak German although it's hard to keep it up when we don't speak it often. Es ist schon zu wissen dass es gibt Leute uberall in der Welt die, die Waltons mogen. Ralph Waite hat gesagt in unsere Zeitung dass er bekommt viele Briefe von Deutschland! Er hat nicht gewusst das man kann es auf dem Fernseh anshauen in Deutschland. Ich hoffe dass sie mein Deutsch verstehen konnen. Ich screibe auf Deutsch nicht oft und habe nicht die akzente leicht auf dem klavier.

Danke wieder fur die Seite und wir werden die Seite sicherlich wieder anschauen.

Mit alle Gute Wunsche Von Kanada

David und Diana Dimitrie
London, Ontario

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  • Victoria Petrolia Playhouse Petrolia Ontario Canada
  • Victoria Petrolia Playhouse Petrolia Ontario Canada
  • Walton ma and pa
  • Ralph Waite & Michael Learned Autograph to my 84 year old mom fan of the Waltons
  • Photo from London Free Press Story on Love Letters Play at Victoria Petrolia Playhouse - © London Free Press
  • London Free Press Story on Learned and Waite's -Love Letters- Play in Petrolia Ontario Canada August 2012 - © London Free Press
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