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Ronnie Claire Edwards then                                                 today (2012)                          


Ronnie Claire Edwards

Ronnie Claire Edwards was born on February 9, 1933 in Oklahoma City.

Her professional career began in 1963, but ultimately she was best known by the role of the slightly difficult Corabeth Godsey, wife of Ike Godsey, in "The Waltons." After the TV show "The Waltons" Ronnie Claire Edwards appeared in different another TV shows, such as Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest (a series written by Earl Hamner too), Murder She Wrote, Star Trek and many more to see.

In 2000 Ronnie Claire published a book called :

The Knife Thrower's Assistant: Memoirs of a Human Target.


Further private informations about Ronnie Claire Private are unknown. The latest information we heard  was the sale of her house in Los Angeles to a member of the rock group Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Ronnie moved to Dallas, Texas, where she bought the Saint Joseph's Church, a Catholic church and renovated it. Today she lives in this church.

Please have a look to the following report (interview with Ronnie Claire Edwards) and the gorgeous pictures: Link


In 2012, Ronnie Claire Edwards published a book with the appropriate title:

  Mr. Godsey asked me to marry him and I said "yes!"

The foreword was written by Earl Hamner.





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