In Loving Memory of Earl Hamner

July 10, 1923 - March 24, 2016


Hello, I am Grobi

I was found in the nature in December 2007. My former owners didn´t want me anymore so they left me.

Unfortunately there are no further information about me.

The helper of the shelter gave me the name Grobi. I don´t know exactly why, maybe because of beeing so happy that somebody found me I was a little bit too rough or because I am looking a little bit like Grobi from the Sesame Street, whatever.

Miss Wilhelmi and fellow took great care of me. Many thanks for this !

About Christmas time in 2007 Dagmar and Manfred came for a visit to the shelter where I lived. They were looking for another dog which had allready been chosen by somebody else, thank God.

Now I just had to show my best behavior ....

I was really happy when Dagmar and Manfred picked me up for the first time but one our later I was in the shelter again. They only took me for a walk outside.

Well, maybe next time !?!

A few years later ...

My cuddly face and my best manners worked. Since 5 years now I share my life with Dagmar and Manfred and I think they have been very lucky just chosen me. With me, it's never getting boring, because I keep them very busy Wink.

Your Grobi




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