About us

Hi, here we are -
Dagmar, Manfred and Grobi !

We live in Germany near Frankfurt. Already in our childhood we loved to watch our favorite show "The Waltons" every Sunday afternoon, hoping our dads would not like to watch the sport show which run on another channel at the same time. 

When we grew up other things became much more important for us. The Waltons show wasn´t that significant to us at that time but we never forget them.

After many years of abstinence we started to watch The Waltons again and suddenly all the memories of childhood were present again. A warm pleasant feeling creeps in when the title tune is heard, when you watch the family sitting around the dinner table or the parents and grandparents in the evening on the porch watching the dark sky and in the background you can hear the laughter of playing children.

After we had made our trip to Walton's Mountain in May 2009, after we visited the museum in Schuyler, after we stayed in a beautiful old white wooden guesthouse with large porch, after we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, after all this we decided to set up our own homepage for all fans and friends of the Walton's.

In real life, of course, we must work for our money like everybody else (unfortunately not in our own sawmill), we do not have seven children and the grandparents did not live with us. Although we have our cuddly dog named Grobi ( the name Reckless does not fit him) and quite a lot of dreams and desires concerning the Waltons.

The next trip to Waltons Mountain is coming this year.

If you have questions, suggestions for this site, or you simply want to get in contact with us send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact to other Waltonfans is welcome.




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