Welcome to Waltons Mountain !

Welcome to our private Waltons fan page.

In May 2009 we fulfilled our long-cherished dream and traveled through the southerm states and along the east coast of the Unites States. As we are big fans of " The Waltons" we traveled to Virginia to visit the area around Charlottesville, especially Schuyler. In the TV series Schuyler is named "Walton's Mountain". And here is the home of the real Waltons, the Hamner family.

The following years we attended the annual Waltons Reunion in Lynchburg, Virginia and had the chance to meet many cast members from the TV show and also got the opportunity to meet the creator of the Waltons, Earl Hamner personally on whose childhood memories the series is based. To our great pleasure we were also able to visit the Walton house on the film site in Los Angeles.

In Germany and all over the world are still so many fans of the Walton so we decided to create this webpage. You may find our travel reports about our visits to the Walton's Museum (yes, it really exist), our experiences we made at the Waltons Reunions in Lynchburg and Los Angeles, our visit in the Blue Ridge Mountains and much more. Furthermore you will find many many pictures of our trips to the USA, of the wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway and many photos of the cast members, Earl Hamner, the Walton House and much more. Our site is constantly updated so you can expect always new details of the Waltons, the Hamners, the museum and, and, and.

Click through and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook. And now .... have fun !

Waltonfriends Dagmar and Manfred



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