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Because of hospital stay followed by rehab of the President of the Walton Fan Club we still have to wait for further information about a Reunion this fall. As soon as we will get the details we will post them here.


Richard Thomas will be back on stage in Washington DC ! From March to May he will represent the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in the play Camp David. Camp David (north of Washington DC ) is best known to many of you. In 1978 , the U.S. president Jimmy Carter, Israeli Prime Minister Begin and Egyptian President Sadat stayed together for 13 days to create the impossible: peace in the Middle East.

The play will start on March 21 to May 04 at the Kreeger Theater in Washington DC. There are various events, such as post show discussions, an event in the Piano Bar and even an appearance on the red carpet with the guest of honor Jimmy Carter followed by a dinner. The tickets for this event are hardly to be paid (they cost $ 1500.00). However, the tickets for normal performances are affordable.

So, this is your chance to enjoy Richard Thomas live on stage. We would be delighted about your report and photos !


On Sunday, 2nd March the family and friends of Ralph Waite along with the cast of the Waltons family got together in Palm Desert for the memorial service for Ralph Waite. Present were Earl Hamner, Michael Learned, Jon Walmsley, Eric Scott, David Harper, Judy Norton, Mary McDonough, Kami Cotler and Leslie Winston. Richard Thomas was in the middle of preparations for a new play in Washington and was therefore unable to attend then memorial service on the west coast.

Farewell Ralph !


On the website of the St. Jude Children´s Research Hospital you may find a memorable page for Ralph Waite and his daughter Sharon. You can leave a message in the guestbook and you can make a donation for the hospital. This was Ralph Waite´s wish.


Tribute to Ralph Waite by Dagmar


On the following pages you have the chance to leave a message or light a candle in memory of Ralph Waite:


Here are two videos in Memory of Ralph Waite. Both videos were taken in Los Angeles 2012 during the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of The Waltons.

@The Waltons Reunion 2012 - 40th Anniversary of " The Waltons"

In Memory of The Waltons "John Walton" - Ralph Waite by Ray Castro. Thank you Ray !


If you would like to send your condolence to the family of Ralph Waite here is the address:

Mr. Ralph Waite
P.O. Box 810
Palm Desert, CA 92261-0810


Goodnight Daddy Walton

1928 - 2014

The world has lost Americas No.1 Daddy. Ralph Waite suddenly passed away on Thursday February 13. The entire Walton world is completely shocked and deeply saddened. Our heart is full of sadness and our thoughts are with Linda und the children.


The wonderful director Ralph Senensky was in charge for twelve emotional episodes of The Waltons such as "Fire Storm" (topic the book burning) or "Grandma Comes Home" (the return of Ellen Corby after her massive stroke). Ralph Senensky is a significant director who can look back on a remarkable life work.

We have created a separate page for him where we also publish a floor plan from Ralph Senensky with his kind permission. The floor plan shows the upper floor of the house of the Waltons !

Ralph Senensky is delighted that the show even after more than 40 years still has so many fans around the world. He talks about his experiences as a director on his website, which we highly recommend. Read more about Ralph Senensky here.

We thank Ralph Senensky for his kind support !


More information about the Walton Reunion 2014 coming end of March.


It's been exactly 10 years since the Waltons came to Germany to promote the re-airing of the series for the German TV station Kabel 1. And it was for the first time that the 9th season of the show was shown on public television in Germany. Michael Learned, Judy Norton, Mary McDonough, Kami Cotler, Jon Walmsley, Eric Scott and David Harper had come to Germany for a week. They had an appearance on german TV in the show of Stefan Raab' called "TV total" and to the delight of the audience Michael Learned spoke some phrases in German, since she had lived in Austria for a while when she was a child.

Here is a picture of their appearance on German television.

picture source:


Recently we receive numerous requests from fans, if and when another reunion will be held this year. At the moment we don´t have any information if another reunion is planned for October 2014. But this doesn´t mean there won´t be a reunion this year because it is still a long time till October.

When we get more details about a planned reunion in 2014 we will let you know !


To all fans of the Waltons and visitors of our fan page
A Happy and Healthy New Year 2014!

A look back to the year 2013 and we remember the probably worst news which reached us from the world of The Waltons, the passing of Joe Conley. With him a very lovable person has gone both as Ike Godsey as well as the private man Joe Conley. His death has touched countless people.
Last October we again had the opportunity to attend another Walton reunion which was held in memory of Joe Conley. There was a memorable table for Joe, a fan has baked a cake in the shape of Ike Godseys grocery store (!). We saw a video with Joe which contained one of his last interviews in which he talked about his life (very touching) and when every fan lit a candle in memory of Joe people were moved to tears. It was a very touching moment and a lovely evening for us. The pictures are available in our photo gallery.

This year we will continue to work on our site and report about updates of the Waltons. Again we appreciate your feedback or suggestions and maybe one or two of you have already met a cast member of the Waltons and would like to tell us about your experience. If you like you can share it with other fans of the Waltons on our website.

Dagmar and Manfred

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